Modern Man has forever strived to control and manipulate his environment from the first primitive tools to the concord. It is this ability to break down and take advantage of our environments that has made man so successful and do more than just survive. Our ingenuity has allowed man to harness the natural world to such an extent we have manipulate the natural elements to our ends, creating in essence a fifth element electricity.

Blackpool in the North West of England is famed as the UK’s most popular seaside resort. Blackpool thrived on the tourism and became quickly known for its pioneering use of electricity. It was the first municipality in the world to have electric street lighting.
The first Light Display was in 1879 and was described as the “Artificial Sun”. The lights were used to lure in tourists as well as demonstrating Victorian progress made in overcoming and dominating nature.
The Illuminations still attract visitors. The lights stretch for 10Km and the displays are elaborate and beautiful objects. Although now consider kitch they are a great example of man’s continuing desire to overcome and control his environment.
I wanted to illustrate the beauty of each lamp and how each is a direct example of man’s struggle to control and manipulate his environment. By placing them around Blackpool, I wanted to show individual lamps as valuable, stand-alone pieces in a different context to how they are normally seen within the town with which they are so intertwined.

With thanks to all those who help the project with out whom I could not have done it, thank you including locations:

Blackpool council
Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Model Village
Herts Amusements

Remember to come to Blackpool and see the town for your self!

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